Cafe & Lounge

Located in our hotel lobby, our cafe focuses on simplicity and efficiency. We serve breakfast for our hotel guests, providing them with convenience and satisfaction. Additionally, we welcome walk-in customers seeking a quick and delicious meal to energize their day. Our hotel lounge is a cozy sanctuary for book lovers. Our lounge has a diverse collection of books and a separate area with fast WiFi for laptop work.

Our Cafe

Situated in the lobby of our esteemed hotel, the cafe is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. We cater primarily to in-house hotel guests seeking a convenient and satisfying breakfast experience, as well as walk-in patrons looking for a quick delicious meal to fuel their day.


Our Lounge

Our hotel lounge is more than just a space; it’s a sanctuary that embodies the essence of home. If you’re a book lover, you’re in for a treat. Our lounge features a curated collection of books spanning various genres and interests. For those seeking a productive space, our lounge offers a dedicated area with high-speed WiFi where you can set up your laptop and work in peace.   

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